E-Invoicing for Developer Accounting Software

I know what you did last summer. With the introduction of e-Invoicing, the ambitious goals of Income Tax Department finally comes true. They will have access to your actions not only during the past summer but every minute and second. If your annual revenue exceeds 100 million, you must implement by 1st August 2024. If you are a property developer that launches new project and seeks for preparation for e-Invoicing, kindly contact us.

About Payroll – Benefit In Kind (BIK)

If you need further details on declaring Benefit in Kind (BIK) for PCB Computation, especially on how to compute the value of BIK, kindly refer to the page below:

(Employer –> Employer (Payroll) – Data Specification –> Specification for MTD Calculation Using Computerised Calculation for 2019)


–> Page 17 and Page 18

Please refer to Public Ruling for detail explanation of BIK and VOLA respectively.

(Legislation –> Public Ruling)


Benefits in Kind –> Public Ruling No 3/2013 and Public Ruling 3/2017

VOLA (Value of Living Accomodation) –> Public Ruling No 3/2005 and Public Ruling 3/2017

Sales Tax and Service Tax

Our Sales Tax and Service Tax Module is ready. The modules allow you to:

1. Create necessary Tax Code according to the needs of your industry.
2. Automate the Tax Code at transactions
3. Track the exemption details of your customer.
4. Track the exemption details provided to your supplier.
5. Drill from SST Reporting module to your report analysis and your source documents.

Please contact the Unity team for further details.