Implementing a new system for a company is a crucial task. It would dictate how the employees collaborate and shape the corporate culture. We would like to equip you with our experience in sourcing the optimum system in 3 steps. 

Step 1 : Study general guidelines to purchase system

Guidelines for Purchasing System

We understand most of the users are new to purchasing system for their companies. Based on our experience in system implementation, we have composed all the factors in a general guidelines. Please download and read through the document before you meet the system vendors.

Step 2 : Preview our solutions

Unity Accounting and Inventory 

Unity system is capable of much more than an accounting system. We design a solid backbone to capture the back end accounting functions. From there, we customize different front end functions to satisfy different industries needs. Be you wish to optimize your stock level or speed up the billing to services rendered, the real time integrated approach would coordinate the works between departments and create a cohesive working environment.   Read More

Unity Payroll

Unity payroll system inherits our philosophy in designing a scalable system so you could process simple or sophisticated payroll in simple steps. We also provide in depth analyse using pivot table format in addition to traditional reporting. The integrated system of payroll and leave management would enable you track both functions under one roof.   Read More

Step 3 : Call us for system demo

Let’s schedule a system demo

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