About Us

Our mission is to continuously improve our customers’ abilities to
unify their system to create a cohesive business empire.

With enormous passion in bridging IT and accounting, we have established our organization since 11 years ago. We kicked off as a partnership where we were working hard to maintain low operating cost while developing the system. All the efforts from burning midnight oil finally pay off. We have delivered our solutions from small size to mid range customer. With full success rate of the system implementation, we are confident to market the solutions to the world.

What we possess here is a blend of solid knowledge of accounting information system and system development skill. With the experience we have accumulated, we understand the challenge faced by the business world. Therefore we design and build a system that is scalable and provides powerful reporting.

We strongly believe our continuous effort would assist our customer pull together the puzzle pieces to form a unified and cohesive business world.


UNITY SOFTWARE is the software developed by us from scratch, the content of which includes accounting, inventory control, payroll systems etc. Suitable for most general enterprises after a few rounds of optimization, it is especially ideal for property management, construction companies and property developers.

Our software is far from ordinary. Apart from that from our professional servies you can get a series of services that offers distinct practical values, because we are keen to share with you helpful information that is beneficial to your management expertise.

It is a fact that accounting people are not well – versed with information technology and people who are good at information technology are often not familiar with accounting principles.

we represent one of the few companies to exhibit keen insight in to both faculties in particular MELVIN Teoh, who is an expert in both fields of accounting and information technology, thereby offering these distinct benefits in our professional services.

Our Partners

The partnership with Microsoft Azure allows us to deploy the cloud solution on the secure and scalable Azure server. The instead and innovation solutions have brought us many satisfied customers. Same Unity user interface, same speed, same stability.

Ec2 program captures the sales order during Facebook Live shopping. Our integration with EC2 through API allows the orders to be captured in Unity System upon customer payments.The integration in a successful project as it helps our customers to save hundreds of hours of data entry time. Ultimately, we help our customer to close the account on time.

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