Accounting & Inventory System

When you enter more than 100 items in an invoice, the system takes forever to save. When there’re more than 3 concurrent users, you need to restart the system at server. The sales department raise the invoice manually. The accounting department complains that they need to perform duplicate job to enter the data into the system. The database always need to be repaired. When you call the center for help, they tell you they only sell the system.

5 reasons why Unity Software is designed for your business

Our customers have sailed through the GST era using Unity System. They include:

 A Local University with over 200 System Users to bill the students Japanese manufacturing companies integrate their MRP / ERP system with Unity System Distributor with high volume of transaction billing and many others…

Now they march confidently into SST era. They have achieved significant results after implementing Unity. Would you be the next?

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