Construction Billing & Accounting System

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* All features of Unity Accounting System Premium Version Premium Version
Add On Construction Module:
Track Project Details
Project Opening (Project Billing and Project Cost)
Track Contract Sum
Track Variation Order
Track Future Cost / Budget Cost for Projects
Track Project By Division, Phase, Sub Phase and Profit Center
Print Project Progress Listing
Automate Cost and Revenue Recognition (Percentage of Completion Method)
Track Purchase Order by Value (For orders related to services)
Track Purchase Order by Retention Hold and Release
Creditor Aging Report with Retention Amount
Automate General Ledger Entries for Retention Hold and Release for Purchase Transactions
Track Sales Order by Value (For Orders related to Services)
Track Sales Order by Retention Hold and Release
Debtor Aging Report with Retention Amount
Track Accumulated Project Certified Amount At Sales Invoice
Automate General Ledger Entries for Retention Hold and Release for Sales Transactions
General Ledger
Allocate HQ Expenses to Project by Ratio


” Is your current construction accounting software holding you back? “

Does the project team present different set of information from the accounting department? Do you find reconciling the information to be time consuming and costly?

Ever overlooked the retention billing?

What about revenue recognition based on completion method? Overwhelmed by tons of paper works?

You are not alone.

With Unity, we bridge the gap between the requirements of both project team and finance team. We aim at presenting a unified system that helps both you to make quick and confident decisions based on the up to date and correct information.

You could evaluate the project performance by Project Group, Project and Project Scope according to your industry needs.

Let us simplify your job by computing percentage of project completion for you and update the related entries to the General Ledger Module.

With few clicks, you could determine if you over bill or under bill your customer.

You would never miss any customer retention and supplier retention anymore.

You could also assign the head quarters operation cost to the projects, so you could work out a more viable quotation in future.

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