If you do not have a proper inventory management system, there are 2 basic aspects that your new system must fulfill: 

1. Provide you a real time analysis of stock quantity on hand for various location/warehouse 
2. Provide you costing of the stocks

✔ Multiple Warehouse
✔ Drill down from Stock Quantity to Stock Card to transaction level
✔ Multiple Unit Measurement
✔ Support Vendor Last Purchase Price, Stock Last Purchase Price and Vendor Group Pricing
✔ Support Customer Last Selling Price, Stock Last Selling Price and Customer Group Pricing
✔ FIFO and Average Costing
✔ Advanced Stock Planning for Future Quantity
✔ Assist in computing reorder level
✔ Prompt alert when reaching reorder level and maximum Quantity
✔ Tracking Serial Number
✔ Tracking Lot Number
✔ Change Stock Code at one click
✔ Support multiple bar code for one stock code
✔ Item Template for bundling purpose
✔ Automate Waybill charges