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Unity Payroll System
Employee Master File
Payroll Records
Print Payslips
KWSP Submission
PCB Submission
SOCSO and EIS Submission
HRDF Calculation
Email Payslip
E Payroll
Annual Leave
Sick Leave
Other Leave
Payroll Listing (Monthly)
Payroll Listing (Year to Date)
Payroll Listing by Staff Code
Audit Trail
Excel Import for Salary Entry
Excel Import for Employee Master File
Unlimited Companies
3 Packages
Below 15 Active Employee
16 – 60 Active Employee
Unlimited Employee

” As part of the Human Resource Team, all you need is to perform the job efficiently. “

Do you still prepare the payroll manually?

Do you still rely on the Excel worksheet to compute Annual Leave?

As for your current payroll system, have you ever encountered the following scenario?

  1. Your employee asks how PCB is computed, especially when bonus is declared.
  2. After you process the payroll, only you discover you miss the entry of a new employee. Your system requires you redo the entire payroll entries.
  3. At year end, the EA figure could not tie to the Pay slip figure.  
  4. Database corruption? Database could be easily logged in using standard user name and password (e.g. UserID – SYSDBA, Password – masterkey)?

At Unity Software, you could rely on our experienced team to build you an easy, accurate and user-friendly Payroll System.

5 reasons why Unity Payroll is designed for your business.

  1. Simplified payroll process flow so you could master the system soonest as possible
  2. Flexible reporting so you could define your own layout and format.
  3. Simplify Your Job through Integration of Payroll Modules and Accounting System
  4. You could track the leave records easily
  5. Secured and password protected database

Unity Payroll system is endorsed by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri. We also continuously improve the system for the statutory amendment of KWSP and Perkeso.

The latest Payroll system also enables you email the pay slip to the employees. Let us show you how we could improve your efficiency.

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