Property Billing &
Accounting System

” Property management is a challenging job. As building manager, you face stringent demands from developer, JMB and owners to increase your productivity and efficiency. ”

Imagine you must bill service charge and sinking fund to a high-rise building of 800 units on time.Ever face a long queue of owners as it takes many steps to create and print the official receipt?Ever questioned by owners of the late payment interest mistakenly billed for advanced payment? Has the receipt record been altered for Cash Collected? Accounting report could not be produced on time for JMB Meeting?Owner aging takes more than 1 day to produce and yet it could not tie to the account balance? And many more.

When you engage Unity Software, you’ll find experienced professionals dedicated to providing easy, accurate and user-friendly property billing and accounting system.

5 reasons why Unity PBA is designed for your business.

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