The implementation of sales module differs from one industry to another. Basically we wish to achieve the following objectives when we implement the sales module: 

1. Able to capture the niche needs of the industry at the sales transaction (e.g. billing to HQ but items sent to branches)
2. Able to improve productivity by minimizing data entry while maximizing information analysis
3. User friendly data entry as to speed up the job
4. Able to print business documents according to companies?needs.

✔ Support comprehensive sales transactions
✔ Record Sales Transactions according to the needs of your companies.
✔ Unified and user friendly screen allows short learning curve of data entry
✔ Copy Sales Order to subsequent transactions hence eliminates duplication of data entry.Support multiple Sales Order to 1 Sales Invoice and likewise
✔ Flexible customer settlement screen to knock off Invoice against Credit Transactions.
✔ Tracking Sales History Transactions easily
✔ Enhance internal control by enforcing password entry for credit limit, credit term, profit margin, sales price amendment controls.