Why Unity Software?

Scalable and Flexible solution

Some accounting systems adopt the concept of take it or leave it. They include a set of basic and fixed applications that might only serve the minimum purpose of your reporting needs. They do not cater for your unique industry needs. As a result, you might need to keep track the data manually and generate the information using spreadsheet. When your company grows, you would difficulties in various aspects.

a. Data entry and data preparation prone to human mistake
b. Could not get timely report 
c. Could not answer ad hoc queries
d. Difficulties to track previous record

Unlike the above off- the- shelf software, we provide scalable solutions where add-on modules could be added to your program in future. In addition to many built in flexible add-on features, we would also customize the system according to your industry needs. We believe growing together with customer is the best way to foster a long term business relationship.

Powerful Reporting and Tracking

At the era of uncertain economy environment, static reporting is no longer adequate to meet the stringent business requirement.Traditional system generates standard reports where you could not adjust the format on your own. Consequently, you could not retrieve the key issues from the report. Worse still, you could not retrieve the information on the report although the information has been entered to the system.

Unity powerful reporting system enables you to perform the following tasks:

1. You could print any data you entered into the system.
2. You could hide any column you do not like to print.
3. You could perform sorting or grouping to all the reports
4. You could customize your filter criteria before printing the report
5. You could analyze the system in multiple dimensions with our Pivot Table like reporting engine.

In addition to the powerful reporting engine, Unity also enables you tracking for previous record easily. For instance, when performing sales transactions, it is essential to retrieve the sales history on the fly as you need to decide fast.

Integrated System for Accounting and Inventory

You might not have your accounting and inventory system integrated yet. After you receive your stocks, you enter the receiving at inventory system and later you record at accounting module. With this method, it gives rooms for data inconsistency where corrections have been made to one system but not at the other one. You would not retrieve the accurate picture and need to spend unnecessary time to rectify the error. Unity fully integrates accounting and inventory module. When you record Sales Invoice, both accounting and inventory modules are updated simultaneously. Information presented is consistent and accurate.

Strike Balance Between Flexibility and Internal Control

Some systems require your party to adapt to the best practices the system has built in. The implementation of these best practices sometimes encourages tight internal control within the organization. This would indeed enhance the control practice; however, it might not apply to every party. Every company has developed its own corporate culture and a rigid system might not improve the efficiency of work in the workplace. 

We believe in a more flexible system while maintaining optimum internal control. Unity introduces the following control practice:

1. Detailed User access right setting for every user including adding, modifying and deleting a record.
2. Only allow amendments of records within posting period.
3. User trail to log activities of users
4. User password control by supervisor

Affordable Pricing

Above all, Unity offers you an affordable pricing. Pricing is definitely a crucial factor for all system purchase. Our scalable system allows you to start with entry level investment to much sophisticated usage at later stage. Your investment in the system would absolutely reward you with fruitful returns.